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6 signs a spouse may be hiding assets

Property Division Issues

Sometimes, a spouse may resort to a premeditated plan to deny marital assets to the other spouse. One of those ways is to hide assets. In such situations, the spouse may have been doing so for a long time out of greed, and then simply sped up the process when he or she decided to end the marriage.

The other spouse may be unaware that such unscrupulous behavior has gone on. However, in other situations, a person may have suspicions that a spouse is knee-deep in a scheme to hide assets.

Smaller paychecks, tax return questions

But what are some signs that a spouse may be hiding assets from you? The list may include:

  • Smaller paychecks: Why is the amount shrinking on your spouse’s bi-weekly paycheck? This may point to a diversion of funds.
  • Online bank accounts: These accounts offer higher interest rates and represent an easy place to hide money. Also, a PayPal account provides another opportunity for a spouse to surreptitiously hide third-party payments.
  • Hidden cash on residential property: You may make the perplexing discovery of rolls of cash stashed in unusual places such as the garage, attic, ceilings, furniture, books and freezer.
  • Receiving mail at a post office box: A spouse may rent a post office box to receive financial documents related to hidden assets.
  • A spouse on the defense: Do not ignore increased defensive behavior, especially related to money matters. This may be a sign of keeping secrets and a double financial and personal life.
  • Discrepancies on tax returns: By reviewing tax returns, you may find things that prove puzzling to you. Evidence of rental properties, real estate investments, business acquisitions and mutual fund dividends surface on tax returns. You may be unaware of any of these investments.

Perhaps you previously sensed betrayal from your spouse. Hiding assets is just the continuation of that betrayal.

Uncover those assets

Your spouse may have followed a step-by-step scheme in order to hide marital assets. This is illegal and unethical. Those assets also belong to you. In such situations, consider relying on an experienced attorney and skilled forensic accountant to uncover these assets.

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